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Wouldn’t the SAT and ACT be easier, if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Wouldn’t the SAT & ACT be easier if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Important College Admissions Essay Help Disclosures

The essay must be submitted by the student at least 2 - weeks before the essay is due .  The submitted essay must be the student’s own work.  The student should consider the submitted essay to be his “final draft.”  An essay perceived to be a “rough draft” will be sent back to the student.

The submitted essay must be delivered via email to with “College Admissions Essay Submission” in the Subject line.  The essay will be attached to the email in a Microsoft Word format.  It should not be attached in a zipped file, or pasted into the body of the email.  

Within a day or  two I will confirm receiving your essay.  A few days later, I will send you an email detailing a list of suggested revisions, as well as a list of grammatical errors.  In most instances, fixing the errors and making the suggested revisions will still result in a substandard essay ~ requiring further re-writes.  In some instances, the recommendation will be to “start over” because the submitted essay is simply beyond repair.

Be fairly warned.  At times, this process can be demanding, critical, and a bit ‘direct.’  We believe that it is better you hear it from us, than the college admissions board from your ‘target’ school.  

Your student’s essay is supposed to “speak” favorably on your child’s behalf, not cast doubt on their potential enrollment.  We take the written language seriously, and make no apologies for our stringent approach to helping your student learn to write well.

College Admissions Essay Help

What is College Admissions Essay Help?  

This is a service we've informally offered for years that we formally rolled out in the fall 2011.  

If you're writing a college admissions essay, you need a professional to spend a significant amount of time looking at it.  The English teacher you were going to ask to read it, will read it twice and look for spelling errors or punctuation issues, and give it right back to you.  She'll give you about 15 minutes of her time, and the results will be substandard.  

Writing is my specialty, and I'll read your first draft 10 - 15 times, minimum, before I make a single suggestion.  Then, I'll guide you through the rewrites so that your essay is of the highest possible quality.  The results have been amazing, and far beyond anything you could expect from a teacher at your school.  

There is about a 7-day turnaround minimum on these essays, so make sure you begin planning now.   Please take a look at the “Before and After Essay below!

Cost: $95.  See the Enrollment page for packaging details that might save you money.

College Admissions Essay Help $95

Read A Real “Before” and “After” Essay

Before you decide if your child needs this service, please look at this “Before and After” essay from an A.P. Honors Student.  The original essay was absolutely horrific (which you will see), but received a positive affirmation from from her English “Teacher” at school.  After several rewrites over a 2 week period under our tutelage, the essay was much better.

You don’t want comments like these on your college essays:

“Another F!  You really must enjoy English 101!  Just for the record, I stopped reading here.” (arrow pointing at the third word in the essay’s title ~ which was misspelled).  

(Then continuing):  “When you get home for the holidays, do me a favor:  Look up your high school English teacher, and slap her in the face for me.  She has done me a grave disservice by letting you out of the ninth grade, and should be punished accordingly.”

~ Professor Trash Mouth (that’s what we called him), circa:  1986.  Besides his mastery of swearing, he was also renowned for showing up to class smelling of grain alcohol.

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