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Wouldn’t the SAT and ACT be easier, if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Wouldn’t the SAT & ACT be easier if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Summer & Fall SAT & ACT Prep Schedule

For the Greater Columbia Area

Click Here for the 2018 Course Schedule in Greater Florence, SC & Lumberton, NC

Initial release: 12 June 2018 (please check back for updates)

last updated: 12 June 2018

Format/ Duration of Courses

All courses, regardless of the number of sessions in each course, provide 10 hours of instruction for the SAT.

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Course Retakes

We recommend that all students take as many courses as possible ~ at least 2 courses! This satisfies the requirements for the Score Increase Guarantee, and provides maximum exposure to the course material, and vice versa There is no additional charge to do this, under our Unlimited, FREE Course Retake Provision. Taking the course at multiple locations is also a good strategy to resolve scheduling conflicts that may prohibit you from attending all the courses at a given location. Taking 2 courses at the same time (eg: Course #1, and 2) is also a good strategy to maximize exposure to the course material, in the shortest period of time possible, and there is no additional charge to do this.

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What To Bring

Students should bring the following items to every class session:

1. two #2 pencils (a pen is not acceptable)

2. a calculator (we recommend the Texas Instruments TI-82 Graphing Calculator or higher)

3. a notebook (for doing extra problems, and syllabus conservation)

4. the course syllabus. We provide the proprietary course syllabus to the new student in their first class session, and they bring it with them to each class session/ course after that.

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Course Location Key

North Trenholm Baptist Church (6515 N. Trenholm Road in Columbia, SC)

First Presbyterian Church of Aiken (224 Barnwell Avenue NW in Aiken, SC)

Trinity Presbyterian Church (975 Willington Drive Orangeburg, SC)

Ben Lippen High School 7401 Monticello Road Columbia, SC)

Lee Academy  (630 Cousar Street Bishopville, SC)

Newberry Academy (2055 Smith Road Newberry SC)

Northside Christian Academy (4347 Sunset Blvd Hwy 378. Lexington, SC)

Wingate Inn & Suites (2123 West Lucas Street in Florence, SC)

TBD = To Be Determined

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Course Times

Unless otherwise indicated, all class sessions are held at the following times:

Sundays: 4:00 – 5:30 pm

Weekdays: 6:30 – 8:30 pm (unless otherwise noted)

Saturdays: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm with an hour for lunch at 12:30

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Important Note Regarding Course Attendance

Students should attend all class sessions associated with a particular course (e.g.: Course 1 is divided into 5 separate class sessions, and students should attend each class session).

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Course Registration & Pre-registration

Pre-registration is highly recommended for all courses, but is not required.

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CCP reserves the right to cancel, combine, or close courses to maintain preferred instructor/ student ratios

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You can deduct $100 off the retail price of another one of our offerings when the purchase of the Live Course is “Bundled” with another purchase (eg: you purchase the SAT Prep course with a tutoring module). See Packages Offerings at checkout.

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Important Live Course Disclosures

~ Format/ Duration of Courses|~ Course Retakes  ~ What to Bring|~ Course Location Key |~ Course Times|

|~ Attendance Policy ~ Course Registration & Pre-registration |~ Cancellations ~ Discounts |

Course #1 – Columbia

North Trenholm Baptist Church

(10:00 - 4:00 All Sessions)

July 10

July 11

July 12

* Students will have an hour for lunch at 12:30.

Summer Camp for the SAT & ACT &

July 14 ACT

Course #4 – Columbia

North Trenholm Baptist Church

(6:30 - 8:30 All Sessions)

October 18

October 23

October 25

October 30

November 1

For the November 3rd SAT

& October 27th ACT

Course #2 – Columbia

North Trenholm Baptist Church

(6:30 - 8:30 All Sessions)

August 9

August 14

August 16

August 21

August 23

Course #3 – Columbia

North Trenholm Baptist Church

(6:30 - 8:30 All Sessions)

September 20

September 25

September 27

October 2

October 4

All Courses Provide at least 10 hours of Instruction

For the October 6th SAT

For the August 25th SAT

& September 8th ACT

For the December 1st SAT

& December 8th ACT

Parents!  Click Here for

Course Times & Location Key

Carolina College Prep does not “close” registration for courses.  All venues are capable of handling a wide range of students, so register with confidence.

Course #5 – Columbia

North Trenholm Baptist Church

(6:30 - 8:30 All Sessions)

November 8

November 13

November 15

November 27

November 29

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The Fall Course Schedule Will Be Posted In June 2019.

Click Here to see the Spring Course Schedule