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Wouldn’t the SAT and ACT be easier, if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Wouldn’t the SAT & ACT be easier if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Testimonials from Workshop Students

¨ I was very happy with what I learned. Many of the coolest things he taught me weren’t even SAT related, like how to multiply really big numbers so quickly. For example, 63 x 57 without a calculator is 3,591 ~ that took me about 3 seconds in my head with his technique. I’m a human calculator! Unbelievable! - Tyler Chapman

¨ I love ‘the system’ Coach! - Sommer Farmer

¨I learned a lot through the workshop, and I really liked how his workshop syllabus ‘fit’ into what he was teaching  The last guy our school had here was using “The Official SAT Study Guide” and it was just impossible to see any logical structure in what he was trying to teach us.  Conner Summer

¨ This was extremely helpful! I’d do it again anytime. Leah Etheredge

¨ I never knew you could use such ‘wimpie’ math to work so many difficult SAT problems! - Morgan Donahue

¨ I feel like this workshop is going to boost my SAT score a lot. Brock McLeod

¨ This was so helpful. I feel confident, and I’m not scared anymore. Allison Josey

¨ This SAT workshop was extremely educational and promising. I wish there was more time so you could spend more time in the Geometry. - Brittany Rourk

¨ This workshop helped me to understand Algebra. I know it’s going to bring up my score a good amount. Where were you when I was in the 9th grade? - Billy Vickers

¨ Coach Wilson is very good at explaining his techniques, and he is a very personable person. I loved the Gizmo problems. - Zack Sims

¨ It was great, and I learned a lot. I found the workshop to be very helpful and I look forward to taking the SAT. Thank you! Robert Abshire

¨ Coach Wilson helped simplify the complications I’ve been having with the SAT, and it allowed me to understand the test better. Zach Grimes

¨ The workshop was very helpful, and I learned a lot of new, useful, and simple techniques that I know will help me score better on the SAT. - Brittany Zaremba

¨ This was a good workshop, and I’m glad I experienced it. - Ali Herlong

¨ Coach Wilson looks a lot like Steven Correll from “The Office” ~ which we all got a kick out of, and I’m sure his system is going to bring up my SAT scores. It was very worthwhile. - Deborah Swearingen

¨ The workshop was not only helpful, but it was fun! It made working on math problems all day fun. - Lydia Summer

¨ This workshop really helped me to concentrate on what is important to get the problems right, and not lose focus. Matthew Epps

¨ This workshop really helped me understand how to easily work problems that I previously thought were impossible. - Thomas Platt

¨ I really appreciate the help, and know I will get a higher score. Will Frei

¨ Coach jokingly told me at the beginning of the workshop that I wouldn’t learn anything, BUT I DID! I can’t wait to take the SAT tomorrow because I know my score is going to be higher. - Haley Hunt

¨ Thank you for the time you’ve spent thinking about how to improve our SAT scores. Your system was very helpful, and I can’t wait to take the test. - Stephanie Johns

¨ When my mom signed me up for the workshop I had my doubts because the guy that did our school’s SAT workshop last year was so terrible, but I am so glad I came. - Anna Kate Waters

¨ It was great! Now I don’t have to remember dozens of formulas. Everything is so much easier. - Zachary Simons

¨ I wish the workshop was longer. I know we had the whole day, but I wish we had more time to cover more of your Restricted Exchange problems, and the Gizmo problems, but overall I’m very happy. I believe I will greatly increase my SAT score. - Kyle Dean

¨ The workshop at Carvers Bay High School really helped me by covering all the problems I didn’t know how to work the last time I took the SAT. - Conner Cribb

¨ Workshop was great, and the material was presented so well. - Kate Moellering

¨ This workshop is great and everyone should take it. I really liked how he demonstrated that high school math doesn’t always work on the SAT. I wish we had more time to cover geometry. - Mitchell Gebel

¨ The class was worth it. There was always something new to learn, and he made it fun. - William Kent

¨ The most helpful thing in the workshop was showing how to break down all kinds of really hard problems into easier ones. - Sarah Arndt

¨ This workshop was so much better than the other guy our school had coming in here. - Trey Kyzer

¨ I love this workshop. This is my second time through it, and it’s already improved my SAT score by 100 points. - Erin Blume

¨ I thought the class was very helpful, and went by fast. - Sarah Margaret Boles

¨ I loved the class, and I know it will really help me out on the SAT. - Rachel Stokes

¨ Great Class Mr. Correl. I learned a lot! - Jordan Huffstetler

¨ This is the best SAT Workshop I’ve ever taken. - Ashley Summers

¨ I thought it was a good class, and I learned a lot of things that are going to help me with the SAT. - Amy Woodrum

¨ I learned a lot of cool math strategies for problems I didn't know how to work. It’s one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. - Rebecca Gleaton

¨ I got a kick out of the simplicity of the Equation Chains. Way better than J----- (competitor who had done an SAT workshop at the same school earlier in the semester). - Winston Parker

¨ This guy knew what he was talking about. It was a very useful class, and he showed me how to work a lot of problems I left blank last time. - Rachel Morren

¨ I liked the workshop and I learned a lot of neat stuff that is going to help me. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Steve Carrel? - Kamryn Spurlin

¨ This SAT Prep Workshop helped me understand parts of the math section I didn’t understand before. It was much better than J----- (competitor who had done an SAT workshop at the same school the same semester) Ha! - Meghan Gillam

¨ This class was very helpful, and I think it will help me tremendously on the SAT. - Aaron Bruner

¨ This class was great. The way to work the 2 Right To Be Wrong Problems was so easy the way you explained it. It was a lot better than some of the other SAT workshops I’ve been to, and it should help me out a lot. - Ford Blanchard

¨ The most helpful thing for me was the 2 Right To Be Wrong explanations. I really hope my SAT score goes up. It was great. - Connor Cruess

¨ I thought this SAT workshop was helpful, and I enjoyed sitting through the class. MeKenzie Best

¨ This class was 1,000 times better than the previous SAT courses I’ve taken before. When are you coming back? - Meleah Gleaton

¨ My SAT score needs to come up 30 points so I can get the Life Scholarship. I needed help in the Math Section, so this workshop was perfect! - Eva Gasque

¨ Learning how to work the Gizmo was the best. I’d had no idea it could be that simple. - Michael Schriver

¨ The workshop was fun, easy to follow, and extremely helpful. I can not wait to see my next SAT score. - Sadea Rodgers

¨ Jonathan Wilson provides valuable SAT Prep information in a humorous and interesting way that I will always remember. I’m sure it will translate into more points on my SAT score. - Austin Riley

¨ This workshop really helped take complex SAT material and turn it into simple, understandable 4th grade material. - Tyler Floyd

¨ I received a very big boost in the Math problems. All topics were explained clearly. The workshop was a marvelous help! Thank you so much. - Navjot Kaur

¨ This course made the hardest SAT math seem so easy, allowing me to study stress free, and feel confident in my abilities. My weak point was the Math section, and now I feel confident that I will do a lot better in that section. - Candace Pressley

¨ This course really helped me out a lot. The SAT just got a lot easier! - Savannah Storm

¨ I did not understand any of the problems before Coach Wilson explained them, but after his help, I can work them all. I’m glad he came to our school. - Travian Jones

¨ This course was very helpful to me. I learned more about math in this one day workshop than in the whole year I spent in pre-algebra. - Shamea Grice

¨ The course was helpful and very enjoyable! It proved to me that extensive methods to work out problems are not always necessary. Everything was explained very thoroughly,. - Brooke Hilburn

¨ This workshop was awesome, and I wish I had taken it earlier. M.I.T. here I come! - Dylan Rabon

¨ The same problems I had so much difficulty trying to work on the P-SAT two weeks ago just got a whole lot easier. - Eric Yell

¨ This is a great workshop that teaches a simple and effective approach to the SAT! It was very helpful and informative! - Taylor Turnbull

¨ The workshop gave me the courage and belief that I can do this. I can succeed in spite of all the adversity in my way! With your techniques, all these hard questions are really easy! - Barry Hubbard

¨ I loved the workshop. I have learned so many things that I can use daily in just a few hours. The workshop has me hyped to take the SAT. - Rachel Jenkins

¨ The math was a MAJOR help! Well worth the money I spent, and I learned so many new things in such a short period of time! - Colby Bouchillan

¨ The workshop was very insightful, easy, and fun! - Claire Sample

¨ This workshops is a very great workshop for any student struggling with the Math Section off the SAT. - Channing Forey

¨ Question off our survey: What was the most helpful thing you learned in the workshop? Everything! I knew how to do very little in the math section, now I feel much more confident. Everything was explained clearly, and I think my SAT score will go up. - Kwanisia Swinton

¨ Question off our survey: What was the most helpful thing you learned in the workshop? How to work the hardest problems on the SAT with 5th grade math skills. Everything was explained thoroughly. I really enjoyed the workshop. Xavier Bronell

¨ Question off our survey: What was the most helpful thing you learned in the workshop? How to make the math problems so simple. Many of these problems that I computed today would not have been nearly as easy without the techniques you taught in the workshop. - Shanquenae Wilson

¨ Question off our survey: What was the most helpful thing you learned in the workshop? The math techniques were helpful, and everything was explained fine. This workshop will really help any student who would like to improve their SAT score.

¨ I think this program would help people who totally don’t get math. People that are really proficient in math may not get as much out of it, but I’m sure I will use some things that were taught. - Jesse Nugent

¨ I enjoyed this workshop and I think I will score higher on my SAT than last time - Rachel Johnson

¨ It was a great help on the Math Section. - Ryan Moody

¨ I greatly enjoyed the program. It was more active and alive than most of the other workshops I’ve attended. After a couple of examples (of a particular problem type) I pretty much understood everything. - Nikli Gause

¨ I really enjoyed this workshop with Coach Wilson. It really helps and simplifies math on the SAT. Everything was profoundly explained. - Marb B.

¨ This workshop really helped me grasp Math in a completely different way, and I learned simpler ways to work problems. I understood most of the topics. - Chelsea Buffkin

¨ This was a very helpful class on behalf of the Math Section. It was a great informative tutorial. Understanding how simple the problems can be with your techniques was great. - Marcus Curry

¨ The workshop and the class helped a lot, it boosted by SAT score from an 1140 to a 1270. - Ryan Maddry

¨ Although I was skeptical at the beginning of the workshop, it turned out to be a very helpful - especially with the Math portion of the SAT. - Blake Stout

¨ The workshop calmed many anxieties I had stored up inside of me concerning the SAT. - Christa Eberhand

¨ The thing that really helped me was to understand how to be faster at the Math. - Andrew Ridout

¨ I think this was a good workshop. Coach Wilson showed me techniques to make the work seem easier than it was originally. I especially benefited from learning the “Don’t look at the problem too long technique.” - Terrence Jacobs

¨ Coach Wilson’s positive attitude was great. This workshop was grand! - Caroline Hallman

¨ It was very helpful, and I learned a fast way to do the Math problems on the SAT. - Kush Sharma

¨ I was very apprehensive about taking the SAT, but the workshop really helped calm my fears about the test. I wish we had more time to go deeper in the Critical Reading section, but the Math was extremely well covered. I am confident I will do well on the SAT this Saturday. - Cody Hightower

¨ The workshop helped so much. I’m eager to see how it will improve my SAT score. - Blane Baggott

¨ This workshop was GREAT! So helpful! - Jake Murphy

¨ The workshop helped me discover better and easier ways to solve problems. I feel confident in my ability succeed on the SAT thanks to this workshop. - Joel Antley

¨ Coach Wilson was great. He helped show how to look at a problem and figure out the best way to solve it. His techniques really helped. - Nick Crawford

¨ Coach Wilson really helped my math improve. My SAT score will reflect his teaching. - May Kizer

¨ This workshop gave me a confidence boost and I feel that I am prepared for the SAT. Everything was explained clearly. - Morgan Robinson

¨ I believe I will be able to add 70 - 100 points to my SAT score after this workshop. - Marquett Carr

¨ I am happy I came to the workshop. It helps students like me who do poorly on standardized tests. I really liked it, and it was very helpful. Thank you. - Randi Moore

¨ The workshop has helped me better understand how to go about working out problems that might be on the SAT. - Alicia Counts

¨ The class was very helpful. It helped a lot on the Math Section of the SAT. I know it will help build up my SAT score. - Brooke Duncan

¨ This workshop was helpful, and I believe it will help me increase my overall score. - Nolan Meyer

¨ This workshop has helped me to see problems and know how to go about them - to look clearly into the problem - and not settle for the ‘first right answer.’ - Karina Morales

¨ Amazing program! :) - Gracie Pleasant

¨ You were awesome and this workshop really helped me! Thanks and don’t forget the “evil triplets!” - Clarissa Clark

¨ The SAT Workshop was very interesting. I have learned different work strategies that I hope to be very useful. Thanks Coach Wilson! - DeHavelyn Barnes

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