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Wouldn’t the SAT and ACT be easier, if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Wouldn’t the SAT & ACT be easier if you could solve every math problem using 4th grade math skills?

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Our Live SAT/ACT Prep Courses are taught in

the Greater Columbia, SC Area, Greater Florence, SC & Lumberton, NC, Sumter & Manning, SC, and the Rock Hill/Charlotte Area

Why consider our Live SAT/ ACT Prep Course?

Because It Works!  Our average score improvement is between 100 and 190 points per student in our Live SAT Course, and we guarantee that your child’s SAT score will improve.

Seriously!  Nothing drives college scholarship dollars like a higher SAT or ACT score.  This goes way past the SC Life Scholarship & Palmetto Fellows awards also.  Many schools match these awards with their own endowment money, and there are even higher scholarships for those with higher scores.  In economic times like these, you need to get your child’s SAT and/ or ACT score as high as possible!  Be Proactive!  Don’t wait to find out if there’s a problem, or an opportunity to advance an already good score.  Assume there is a problem, and assume that a higher SAT/ACT score will be helpful, and then give us a chance to add those points.

How do we know we can help?

We can help you ~ because we’ve helped so many just like you.  Read some of our testimonials.

Our system for score improvement works and works well.  100 - 190 point average score improvements are said to “be impossible” or “too good to be true” by the folks at College Board (the people who designed the SAT)~ but this represents the average improvement range for the typical student in our course.  

We know our system works, and we stand by our methods.  If we don’t improve your child’s SAT score, we’ll refund your money if your child’s score doesn’t improve after taking our course (see Score Increase Guarantee link).  Note that the score increase guarantee is linked solely to the SAT score improvement.

Features Not Available In Other Courses:

1.  Our Live SAT/ACT Prep Course offers students the ability to retake the course an unlimited number of times to maximize your child’s score improvement (without having to pay any additional money). We call this the Unlimited FREE Course Retake Provision, and it is a key component in our ability to put significant points on your child’s SAT and ACT scores.  Most kids come through the course 2-3 times minimum with many students coming through 4 or more times.

2.  The class time is not spent on generic test taking strategies.  We will spend all of our time looking at the specific problems we believe we will see on the very next SAT or ACT ~ complete with our proprietary standardized methods to solve them (so if the problem turns out to be ‘slightly different than anticipated,’ the student still has the framework to solve it).

3.  Our course is also inexpensive relative to other providers who charge upwards of $850 or more. Our course is only $495, and the decision to purchase our course will be a good one as one of the easiest ways to increase your child’s college scholarship offer is to increase his SAT or ACT score.

4.  All of the strategies we teach in the Live SAT/ACT Prep course will directly transfer onto the reading, english & math sections of the ACT.

5.  We guarantee a score improvement, or we will refund your money.  See Score Increase Guarantee.

For the best understanding of what we do, how we do it, and why it works, click all of the buttons in the Navigation Bar on the Left.

Make sure you read Why Our Course Works - as this article attempts to explain the all of the differences between our course, and the courses offered by the competition.   Please read all of our Testimonials, and our FAQ section!

Packages Start at : $495.  See the Enrollment page for packaging details and options.

Important Live Course Disclosures

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 Course Registration & Pre-registration |Cancellations | Discounts

Format/ Duration of Courses

All courses, regardless of the number of sessions in each course, provide 10 hours of instruction for the SAT.

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Free Unlimited Course Retakes

We recommend that all students take as many courses as possible ~ at least 2 courses! This satisfies the requirements for the Score Increase Guarantee, and provides maximum exposure to the course material.  There is no additional charge to do this, under our Unlimited, FREE Course Retake Provision. Taking the course at multiple locations is also a good strategy to resolve scheduling conflicts that may prohibit you from attending all the courses at a given location. Taking 2 courses at the same time (eg: Course #1, and 2) is also a good strategy to maximize exposure to the course material, in the shortest period of time possible, and there is no additional charge to do this.  Most students will come through the course 3-4 times before seeing a score improvement plateau.

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What To Bring

Students should bring the following items to every class session:

1. two #2 pencils (a pen is not acceptable)

2. a calculator (we recommend the Texas Instruments TI-83 Graphing Calculator or higher).  They are generally $100+ purchases, but you can buy them used for less using the link above.

3. a notebook (for doing extra problems, and syllabus conservation)

4. the course syllabus. We provide the proprietary course syllabus to the new student in their first class session, and they bring it with them to each class session/ course after that.

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Important Note Regarding Course Attendance

Ideally, students should attend all class sessions associated with a particular course (e.g.: Course 1 is divided into 5 separate class sessions, and students should attend each class session).

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Course Registration & Pre-registration

Pre-registration is highly recommended for all courses, but is not required.

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CCP reserves the right to combine, or close courses to maintain preferred instructor/ student ratios

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You can save money when purchasing the Live Course with another product we offer, like a 1 on 1 Tutoring Module. See Enrollment page for packaging details.

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The Greater Columbia Courses are Always Offered on Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

Courses Offered In Locations Other Than The Greater Columbia Area Are Always Offered on Saturdays

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